Application Development

Acquire the edge to stay ahead

IOS App Development


Build with TECHONVOY to Standout in the world of APPLE.

State-of-the-art tools and world-class professionals ensure the quality of the IOS application being developed. Starting from scratch, the end-to-end process is given thorough professional treatment. Equal importance is given to the design and code ensuring great UI/UX and optimum functionality.

Thousands of people across the globe are using IOS apps developed by TECHONVOY.

Partner with us to build your iOS application. We assure the delight of your users and customers.

TECHONVOY’s expertise in iOS apps includes:
  1. Enterprise apps
  2. m-Commerce apps
  3. Social networking apps
  4. GPS enabled apps

Android App Development

Android OS has conquered the mobile world. Build with TECHONVOY to conquer the Play store.

Android mobile devices are growing at a rapid pace. The demand for Android apps has skyrocketed. TECHONVOY provides the best in class Android App Development services to ensure our cliens satisfaction. TECHONVOY’s cutting-edge tools coupled with qualified personnel helps clients to stay ahead of the competition.

TECHONVOY’s expertise in Android Apps includes:
  1. m-Commerce apps
  2. Entertainment and News apps
  3. Location-based apps
  4. Social networking apps

Windows App Development


Create your Application with Techonvoy. Excel in the realm of Windows.

The reach a well-made windows application has is unparalleled. TECHONVOY’s sophisticated building mechanism and passionate programmers provide highly efficient and cost-effective Microsoft Windows App Development Services. TECHONVOY focuses on the targeted end users during development which eventually manifests into the app being used in viral proportions.

HTML5 Mobile App Development

Break the shackles with TECHONVOY. Building cross-platform compatible App is just a step away.

HTML5 Mobile Apps, a revolutionary advancement in the world of mobile apps, caters to the desire for developing platform independent applications.

HTML5 based mobile apps have an edge over native apps. Features include:
  1. Advanced semantic elements to for effective description
  2. Cross-platform compatibility
  3. Saves time and money since the code is reusable across multiple mobile platform
  4. video and audio playback are supported without third party plug-ins
  5. Provision for improved 2D and 3D effects in presentations.
  6. CSS3 and jQuery provides numerous layout and styling options
  7. Data can be Stored on both the device and server to improve performance

The HTML5 standard is supported by all major desktop and mobile browsers. HTML5 apps do not need to be downloaded and installed. This is an added advantage.

The cost-effectiveness due to platform independence has led to the trend where many individuals and organizations prefer HTML5 Apps over native apps


Hybrid App Development


Hybrid Apps are the future. Acquire an edge with TECHONVOY.

Hybrid apps provide cross-channel mobility solutions to develop mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows thus avoiding the hassle of developing several native apps for multiple platforms. The time thus saved can be utilized to market the app.

The benefits of Hybrid Mobile Frameworks include:
  1. Multiple choices are available. IBM Worklite, Ionic, Phonegap and Xamarin are some of the Hybrid mobile platforms.
  2. Overcome dependency on native iOS, Android and Windows app development ecosystems.
  3. Hybrid apps cost only 50-70% of the cost of native apps.
  4. Faster time to market since the development time is reduced up to 40%.

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