Digital Marketing

Endeavour into newer vistas

Endeavour into newer vistas with TECHONVOY’s digital marketing initiatives

Digital marketing and internet marketing usually go hand in hand. TECHONVOY’s expertise can help your Digital marketing campaign to transform your business by creating a presence in the web and the mobile world.

Digital Marketing corresponds to promotions on interactive platforms or digital media such as the internet or mobile. The term digital marketing is coined around interactive media agencies working to promote businesses through digital channels targeting specific audiences across the globe.

TECHONVOY uses the following tools for digital marketing when promoting any business:
  1. Banner advertising on internet
  2. Blogging
  3. Paid promotions through pay per click campaigns
  4. Email marketing campaigns
  5. Product-centric promotion through microsites
  6. Podcasts/ Video Marketing
  7. Widget
  8. Social Media Promotions
  9. SMS/ MMS Marketing etc.

TECHONVOY uses both Pull marketing & Push Marketing in Digital Marketing initiatives.

In the world of digital marketing, transmission of information over the internet to the users who are looking for related information is a Pull Marketing initiative; utilizing content, videos i.e., a blog or a video posted on a community website is a good example. Viral marketing is a significant aspect of pull marketing.

Reaching out to prospective clients by sending out e-mails, newsletters, SMS, RSS feeds etc to promote a business or a brand refers to Push Marketing. It can be very specific and targeted. For example, a genre-specific marketing campaign to promote a product only working class of people refers to Targeted Push Marketing.

How can TECHONVOY help as a digital marketing agency?

TECHONVOY, through push and pull marketing aspects, specific targeting capabilities can augment the digital marketing initiative of any organization. We first understand your business in depth and then undertake, strategize, execute and implement best solutions. Our services extend from email and SMS marketing to internet marketing activities like paid promotions, social media optimization, rich media services etc.

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