Website Maintenace

Keep your website in shape

Keep your website in shape with TECHONVOY.

Website, the global information desk of any company, needs to run 24X7 providing optimum performance for general users and prospective clients. Providing correct information and frequently adding fresh and newer elements to avoid monotony in users’ minds is essential for any website.

Engaging skilled professionals for regularly maintaining and updating a website is crucial for a successful online presence. These tasks involve web designers, web animators, software engineers, database administrators, web server administrators and copywriters. TECHONVOY provides this entire pool of skill-set to clients at cost effective prices.

TECHONVOY‘s Website Maintenance Services cover:
  1. Content and Imagery Updates on Existing Web-pages
  2. Addition of static pages
  3. Developing promotional flash-movies for on-page display
  4. Designing graphic banners, icons and other visuals appeals
  5. Website Performance Optimization
  6. Technical Trouble-shoot and Customer Support
TECHONVOY has various types of contracts for ‘Web maintenance services’ suitable for all kinds of project requirements and duration. To name a few:
  1. Man-hour/ Quantum based Maintenance
  2. On-site Maintenance
  3. Retainer Maintenance Contract

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